Why A Carport is an Ideal Investment for Boat Owners

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor with a yacht or a weekend fisherman, you know the importance of protecting your boat from the Cairns weather. 

While mooring your boat on the water or leaving it under a cover might seem convenient, this falls well short in offering the protection your boat requires.

Enter the carport solution from Cairns Patios! Traditionally seen as a shelter for cars, carports have emerged as a practical and cost-effective solution for safeguarding boats. Their ease of installation, affordability, and adaptability make them a popular choice over garages or sheds!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a carport for your boat:


A boat is expensive, and its security shouldn’t be compromised. Although carports are typically open structures, having your boat stored within your property’s confines adds an extra layer of security. You can also integrate additional security measures, such as locks and alarms, for added peace of mind.

Customisation and Convenience

Cairns Patios offers carports in diverse sizes, designs, and materials, ensuring it complements your home’s aesthetics. Storing your boat in a customised carport on your property means easy access, eliminating the hassles of marina navigation or transportation.

Cost-effective Storage Solution

Mooring fees can be exorbitant, especially for larger boats. A carport is a one-time investment that offers long-term savings. Add the minimal maintenance required, and this makes it an economical choice. Additionally, a carport can enhance your property’s value, offering both functional storage and aesthetic appeal.

Protection from the Elements

As we know, Cairns can experience extreme weather conditions. Boats, although built for water, aren’t meant to be perpetually exposed to the sun, rain, and wind. Prolonged exposure can lead to fading, rust, and corrosion. A carport from Cairns Patios ensures your boat remains shielded from the elements as well as potential hazards like bird droppings or falling branches. This not only prolongs the life of your boat but also helps maintain its value.


Carports are adaptable structures that can accommodate various boat types. They provide ample protection while allowing easy movement around the boat, making maintenance tasks more convenient. Moreover, the carport can double up as storage for tools, equipment, or even another vehicle.


Unlike enclosed garages, carports are open structures, which means they provide excellent ventilation. This is crucial for boats as it prevents the buildup of moisture, which can lead to mould, mildew, and wood rot, especially in wooden boats.

Are Carports for Boats a Good Investment?

With the numerous advantages of carports, it’s reasonable to ponder their true value. Remember, when it comes to adding value to a property, functional storage is invaluable. Carports are an affordable and versatile solution that optimises your property space.

In essence, carports for boats:

  • Shield against the elements and other hazards.
  • Offer additional storage space.
  • Enhance security against potential theft or vandalism.
  • Provide easy accessibility and convenience.
  • Require minimal maintenance and are cost-effective.
  • Boost a property’s visual appeal.

Investing in a carport with Cairns Patios offers boat owners a practical storage solution that ensures protection, security, and versatility. Isn’t peace of mind, knowing your treasured boat is safely stored, worth the investment?

If you’re contemplating a carport to securely house your boat, trust the experts at Cairns Patios. We have carports tailored to your needs and budget. To learn more, reach out to us online or call us directly at 07 4249 3474.

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