How to Design Your Carport

carport design

Adding a carport to your home can be a great option for keeping vehicles safe from the rain, hail, wind, and sun, as well as adding a little more room for storage, working, or even entertaining friends. But what sort of carport is most suitable?

Understanding the type of carport you need largely boils down to two very important factors we’ll briefly investigate here – size and design.

What size should a carport be? 

Getting the right carport size is obviously important to ensure proper coverage and protection is provided, as well as enough space to move about. To get the right carport size for your home, the following factors need to be considered:

  • Vehicles – Do you own one vehicle or two? Are they small hatchbacks, larger SUVs, or something even bigger like a truck? Is it a combination of these? The dimensions of a standard double carport in Australia are 6m x 6m x 2.4m in height, however you might want something larger or smaller depending on the vehicles your carport needs to accommodate. 
  • Usage – Standard dimensions generally provide enough room to get in/out and move between cars, however your circumstances might require bigger buffer zones. Some examples here include wheelchair access, children’s bike traffic, or even space to include workshop gear.
  • Storage – What else will you put in the carport? If you’re looking for a carport that can accommodate extra items like a trailer, boat, or sporting equipment, you’ll need to adjust the size of the carport accordingly.
  • Future requirements – While the factors above will point towards a certain carport size, we always recommend looking ahead to what the future might bring. Going with a larger carport now will save you from needing to extend or re-build if/when your circumstances change.

What carport design should I choose?

Once the size of your carport has been determined, you then have the task of deciding what design works best. The two main aspects of carport design are: 

  1. Materials – Steel and aluminium are the most used materials for carport construction as they are easy to work with and offer a good mix of affordability and durability. For those that like the charm of wooden carports, they are also an option but are typically more costly to build and maintain.
  2. Style – When it comes to carports, gable roof carports and flat roof (or Skillion) carports are the most common due to their low cost, contemporary aesthetics, and proven reliability. Flat roof carports are easy to identify, while gable roof carports are characterised by a triangular peak at the top of the carport roof (that may or may not be left open). Other design options include dutch gable carports, hip roof carports, and cantilever carports. 

Carport experts in Cairns 

If you want to protect your vehicles from the harsh Cairns elements and add more covered space around your home, Cairns Patios can help you get a carport that is the right size and style for your individual needs. 

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design and construct a high-quality carport that not only keeps your vehicles safe, but also provides a stylish, functional space that will add significant value to your property.In addition to custom carport solutions, we offer a range of award-winning patio constructions that can completely transform the way you live and entertain in your home. Plus, through our partnership with Mortgage Choice, we can also help you with fast and competitive carport finance options.

To learn more, reach out to us online or call us directly at 07 4249 3474.

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